Frequently Asked Questions

Are SunSafe® products hot to wear? 

No. We use technical fabrics developed specifically to be lightweight, breathable and sun protective. We have never had a suit returned because it was too hot. What's hot is a sunburn!

Why are SunSafe® 

products sun protective? 
All of our products are made of SunSafe® fabrics which combine unique knits and specialized dyeing processes and finishes to produce fabrics that provide an SPF/UPF rating of 50+ both wet and dry.

What is SPF? UPF? 
SPF is a standard for measuring the effectiveness of sunscreens on skin. For example, if your skin will turn red after ten minutes, an SPF 10 sunscreen should enable you to remain outside 10 times longer - one hundred minutes - before your skin burns. UPF is a transmission test for measuring how many UVB and UVA rays are blocked by a fabric. UPF of 50+ is the highest rating. This means the fabric blocks 97.5% of both UVA and UVB rays.