About Us

About us
SunSafe is a leader in educating the public about Sun Safety. We helped establish a US Standard for UV Protection in Textiles by being an active and voting member of the National Committee mandated by the FDA and FTC to establish such a Standard. SunSafe is also a National Partner in Education with the American Academy of Dermatology, distributing their "Safe Sun Tips" nationwide. We are the first company to manufacture sun protective swimwear in the US and to promote local Standards on practicing Sun Safety.

The concept for SunSafe was born in 1994 at the time when one of SunSafe's founders began looking for "kid safe" items in preparation for the birth of her first child. Living in the tropics, sun safety was an everyday concern and an obvious direction of research. It was during this period that we discovered that there was a dearth of legitimate, readily available sun protective products and accessories available on America's shores. After three years of semi-starts, looking for marketing partners and continued exploration, SunSafe Inc. was formally established in Miami in 1997. We started manufacturing and marketing sun protective swimwear for children, which we still do right here in the USA.

Over the past five years, we have been blessed with a loyal following of parents and grandparents concerned for the sun safety of their kids. This site is our long-delayed response to their questions: "do you make these for adults?" and "do you have any additional products?"

Today, we remain rooted in Miami where we experience the need for sun safety --- and see people ignore it --- everyday! We stand behind all products we sell, which are backed by our "No Hassle Product Guarantee". More importantly, we remain more than ever committed to promoting the education of sun safety and offering information, resources and products to help you practice it.

So, to those who pushed us in this direction, thanks for your patience. We hope you like this site, and look forward to your continued input with the promise that we will continue to listen and respond.